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                Door Repair and Replacement Residential - Commercial - Storefront

We know perfectly well what is a quality door replacement and installation, and we are really scrupulous about our job. Our professionals have vast experience in manufacturing, replacement and installation of absolutely any door type and are able to mount a unit in the shortest terms in just any premises. Door replacement is carried out by our most experienced professionals, which will you’re your life more calm and save your energy and time.


  Our professionals will arrive on time and start their work without any delays; they will do all the possible to minimize discomfort inside the house if it is an exterior door. Also, our professional will inform you on what to expect during the installation process so that you and your family are ready.

  You can choose your residential door type from the following

  • Aluminum Door

  • Fire Doors

  • Sliding Doors

  • Patio Doors

  • best patio doors

  • interior doors

  • exterior doors

  • Custom Residential Doors

  • Custom Home Doors

  • Fiberglass Doors

  • Door Hinges

  • Door Closer

  • Door Panic Bar

  • French Doors

  • Hollow Core & Solid Core Doors

  • Partition Doors

  • Pet Doors

  • Screen Doors

  • Security Shutters

  • Patio Shade Screens

  • Residential Door Installation

  • Shower Doors & Glass Wall Enclosures

  • Sliding Patio Doors

  • Solid Wood Doors

  • solid front doors for homes

  • Steel Front Doors

  • Vinyl Patio Doors

  • wide wooden front doors

  • Wood Doors

  • Wood Panel Doors

  • wrought iron doors

  • Commercial automatic door opener

  • Commercial automatic door 


  The high quality of our doors is the result of our high standards of manufacture, implementation of the modern technologies as well as the highest quality of the materials used in the manufacture process.





  Commercial doors are very different from those installed at houses and apartments.Functional requirements are much more important for them then aesthetic ones. Industrial enterprises need to be equipped with durable, safe doors. Most premises require special designed doors, different from standard solutions available at the door market. Our commercial doors designs are the result of long years of work adjusted for the needs of our clients. Regardless of the enterprise type there are certain special requirements for the door assemblies. Industrial and commercial doors must possess the following qualities:

  • Secure and durable construction and joints;

  • Functionality under the conditions of forced service;

  • Bruise resistance;

  • Corrosive substances resistance;

  • Excellent heat– insulating properties and leakproofness (for those installed inlow–temperaturecameras );

  • Safe exploitation;

  • Correspondence to sanitary norms (if needed);

  • Maintainability, availability of spare parts;

  • Conservation of indoor air conditions;

  • Protection of the premises from dust, dirt and

  Our doors possess all the qualities mentioned above. For more than 25 years we have been manufacturing commercial doors used at food industry facilities, warehouse complexes, trade and food services enterprises and others.


  Glass R Us and Door Connection offers you the following types of commercial and industrial doors:

  • Aluminum Commercial Doors

  • Aluminum Flush Doors

  • Aluminum Storefront Swing Doors

  • Automatic Doors

  • Bullet Resistant Doors

  • Cladded Doors

  • Commercial Entry Doors

  • Fiberglass Doors

  • Frameless Glass Entrance Door

  • Glass Entry Doors

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum

  • Herculite Doors

  • Herculite Frameless Glass Doors

  • Hollow Metal Fire Rated Doors

  • Overhead Door

  • Security Doors

  • Security Gates

  • Security Shutters

  • Service Doors

  • Stainless Steel Doors

  • Steel Front Entry Doors With Glass

  • Storefront Doors

Glass R Us - Glass Doors
Glass doors are a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). These doors provide a modern, sleek appearance and allow for natural light to flow into the interior of a building. Companies in the GTA offer a range of glass door services for both residential and commercial properties, including installation, repair, and replacement.

For residential properties, companies offer a variety of glass door options, such as sliding doors, French doors, and bi-fold doors. These doors can be customized to meet the specific needs of each property, and can include features such as energy-efficient glass and security locks.

Commercial properties also benefit from glass door services in the GTA. Glass R Us can provide custom-fit glass doors for office buildings, retail stores, and other commercial properties. They can also provide repair and maintenance services to ensure that the doors are functioning properly and meet safety standards.
Glass R Us in the GTA also offer specialized services, such as glass door repair and replacement for historic buildings. This service can help preserve the unique character of the building while updating it to meet current safety standards. Additionally, some companies offer emergency glass door repair services, providing quick and efficient repairs for businesses that need to keep their doors operational.

In conclusion, Glass R Us offers a wide range of glass door services for both residential and commercial properties. Whether you need new doors installed, old ones repaired, or specialized services, there are companies that can meet your needs.





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