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Glass R Us Repair or Replace 24/7 Broken Glass in Store Fronts & Businesses

  Commercial glass gives storefronts a clean, modern look that welcomes shoppers. To help our customers keep their commercial offices, storefronts and showrooms on trend, Glass R Us Company has installed thousands of square feet of glass across GTA areas.

  Here are just a few of the types of projects we can complete to keep your business competitive:


Make custom storefront doors and entrances, whether you are managing a major retail chains or creating a one of a kind boutique.


Create commercial storefront framing to frame the view of your store’s interior and entice customers through your door.


Install display cases that highlight the beauty and style of your merchandise and encourage your customers to buy

Design and install glass doors, including tempered glass doors to your specifications

Glass Storefront Systems


  We install storefront systems in a variety of styles. Whether you need one single door or need a complete structural makeover, you can count on Glass R Us to get the job done to your specifications.


  We can supply virtually any metal or glass color you need to complete the look you imagine.

  Our storefronts systems are constructed using aluminum and are designed to give the maximum satisfaction when it comes to the safety, durability and strength you require for your commercial glass storefront.

  Our reputation depends on delivering quality commercial glass installation. That’s why we are proud to install Herculite®, the leading brand in the commercial glass industry.

     Here are a few of the things we love about Herculite® and you will too. It

     Available to fit a wide range of standard openings

     Can be tailored to fit custom openings as needed

     Comes in any glass thickness 

     Frames colors suit your design:



     Polished Chrome and



  One of the reasons our customers are so pleased with our work is that our doors come in complete sets. That reduces waiting times for delivery and installation. We make sure you aren’t left waiting during the process and that your business continues will little disruption.

  The office interior landscape has changed dramatically in recent years. The cubical has been replaced with open floor plans divided by floor to ceiling glass partitions that provide light and minimize sound transfer.

  Install office glass partitions to instantly upgrade your space and make it a more modern, appealing environment and enhance employee productivity. 

  Glass partitions made of soundproof glass make your commercial environment more pleasant and helps minimize distractions and helps employees keep their focus.


We design and install:


     High-Low Rise Building

     Commercial New Windows And Doors

     New Storefront


  You can configure your space and let us customize your glass partitions with finishes and framing to meet your specifications.

  Safety is always a paramount concern, so we offer a full line of glass railing for both commercial and residential installation.

  Of course, as more glass is installed, there will be a need for repair and replacement.Glass R Us is ready to serve, so when you have damage to your commercial glass, we offer quick, efficient service so that you can get back to business fast.

Commercial Glass Doors

  Your front door of your business is one of its most important feature. Doors signal that we are open for business, welcome customers and provide a variety of safety and convenience elements and then signal that the end of the day.

  Glass R Us has provided glass door units and accessories for GTA area strip mall shops, stores and restaurants.

We Install Automatic Doors

  The automatic door provides the ultimate in convenience for your customers, welcoming them even when they have arms full of packages, both hands are engaged with briefcase, cell phone and coffee, or they are managing the younger generation.

If your goal is to make your business handicap accessible, we supply the hardware and expertise you need.

  Ready to upgrade the security features for your business? We provide security glass, bullet proof and bullet resistant products for use in serving windows, transaction windows and security booths. When we install security glass, we take care of the details so that you achieve your safety goals and your glass projects meets all of your specifications.

  To completely serve all our customers commercial door needs, we carry a line of quality aluminum doors.

In addition to working with you to design and install glass doors, we carry an entire line of items that you will need to finish out your glass door installation so that it fits your, and your customers, needs.

     Door closers, Exit Push Bar

     Door pivots, Hinges. 

     Door handles, Locks

  We carry a full selection of quality brands to make every glass door installation a turn-key operation.

Allow us to provide an estimate for your glass door installation, and you will see why business across GTA areas call us time and again for their commercial glass door work. Every job we do is satisfaction guaranteed.

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